Less war! More peace!

From ERON Picota, February 20, 2015

Source - http://www.semanariovoz.com/2015/02/21/presos-politicos-piden-al-gobierno-cesar-ofensiva-militar/

Yesterday prison authorities brought the prisoner of war Juan Duque Nieto cc.80320224 to patio 11 of the Eron Picota prison in Bogot谩. Commander of Front 28 of the FARC-EP, he is known as Jes煤s Mart铆nez, or affectionately as Chucho.

Our comrade was captured on February 11 right after an army assault in the Sinai section of S谩cama municipality in Casanare. He suffered a gunshot wound in the right leg that fractured his femur. Comrade "Olimpo Maraco" died in that attack and two guerrillas "Valentina and Yadira" were captured.

Two months ago today our revolutionary guerrilla organization in an act of peace and contrition decreed a unilateral ceasefire, one that has been fulfilled perfectly. But the regime with its warlike attitude of holding back on any show of peace - and when we do so, they take it as a sign of weakness - has used our selfless gesture as an ignominious occasion for laying constant siege to our guerrilla units. The army has never stopped its little commands everywhere from continuing their operations. They employ sharpshooters and transport helicopter landings against our structures.聽 聽

But this thing is directed not only against our guerrilla structures. Under the macabre and sinister army plan of war and its doctrine of an internal enemy, they maintain constant siege against the civilian population. Apart from stealing their animals, damaging their crops grains for bread, and beating them up, they accuse them of rebellion and terrorism, among other things.聽 They are taken as prisoners - all for the only crime of being there in zones of conflict. 聽

As a gesture of peace we ask that the national government stop the military offensive against our people NOW - and that, failing to do that, it order a bilateral ceasefire as a true gesture of peace. We also ask for appropriate treatment for ourselves according to standards generally accepted for prisoners of war wounded in combat. That entails providing all medical and surgical treatment required for their recovery, and that treatments and medical consultations are not deferred as a torture method used against us by INPEC. (INPEC - National Prison and Penitentiary Institute) 聽

It's up to social and popular sectors not to lose heart in the search for a bilateral ceasefire!

How many liters of blood, how many mangled persons, how many prisoners, how many more dead does this system want in order to understand that the way of war is not the solution. They have so much stubbornness that they are unable to see that 50 years and more of war did not secure our defeat - for the simple reason that war with guerrillas is unwinnable.聽 聽

"To all Colombian people: more peace and saying to you, no more WAR"聽

(Translated by W. T. Whitney Jr.)


LA RED INTERNACIONAL DE SOLIDARIDAD CON LAS PRISIONERAS Y PRISIONEROS POLITICOS COLOMBIANOS - RED-INSPP contin煤a en solidaridad con nuestra compa帽era Liliany Obando y exigiendo su libertad y la revisi贸n de su caso, por tratarse de un caso montado sobre pruebas totalmente ilegales y que se circunscribe dentro de la l贸gica de los montajes judiciales para asfixiar a la oposici贸n pol铆tica de izquierda en Colombia. Los/as invitamos a solidarizarse tambi茅n con esta justa causa.


Febrero 02 del 2014. 聽

El Movimiento Nacional Carcelario, seccional C煤cuta comunica al M.N.C, que desde el d铆a de hoy, 24 patios del establecimiento carcelario de mediana seguridad de C煤cuta Norte de Santander se lanzan a huelga consistente en desobediencia de acuerdo a los siguientes hechos. 聽

1). Por la no atenci贸n en salud; en el trascurso de 14 meses han muerto 20 reclusos de ese penal producto de la no atenci贸n en salud por INPEC y CAPRECOM; hay una grave problem谩tica de meningitis, tuberculosis y varicela y la soluci贸n que da la administraci贸n es el confinamiento de los reclusos en cuarentena, aislados sin visitas pero nada de medicamentos y atenci贸n integral en salud; un olvido estatal completo. 聽

2). Mala alimentaci贸n; aqu铆 no se alimentan seres humanos, los alimentos son para animales y a decir verdad ni a ellos se les da comida tan degradante, hay corrupci贸n descarada con nuestros alimentos pues no llegan como lo trata la norma. 聽

3). Jur铆dica, no hay clasificaci贸n de los reclusos en las fases de tratamiento penitenciario, los certificados de c贸mputos no llegan, las conductas y dem谩s documentos no se hacen llegar al juez por tanto las libertades no se dan, y por ende se acrecienta el hacinamiento. 聽

Por esta crisis carcelaria acrecentada c铆clicamente cada a帽o, los compa帽eros de prisi贸n de la c谩rcel de mediana seguridad de C煤cuta Norte de Santander, desde el d铆a de hoy 02 de febrero del 2015, los 24 patios se lanzan a huelga consistente en desobediencia civil indefinida hasta obtener del gobierno Nacional y las autoridades penitenciarias una soluci贸n de fondo a la problem谩tica ya planteada.聽聽 聽

En este orden el MNC hace un llamado a todos los sectores sociales y populares del pa铆s a solidarizarse con estos compa帽eros de prisi贸n en su justa lucha por unas condiciones dignas de reclusi贸n y respeto a los DD.HH. 聽

Cordialmente y con sumo respeto. 聽

Movimiento Nacional Carcelario